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For golfers who seek to improve their game, Next Level Golf provides custom club fittings and lessons because improving your game should be as enjoyable as the game itself.

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Hours of Operation


3:00pm - 9:00pm


9:00am - 6:00pm

*Also available by appointment Weekday and Weekends!

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What information is gathered during a custom fitting?

Ball data includes launch angle, ball speed, club head speed, total spin rate, and side spin rate. Club data includes angle of attack, open/closed face, swing path (inside to outside or outside to inside), dynamic loft, and dynamic lie.

Check out Foresight Sports for more information and diagrams. 

What will happen during my custom fitting?

Prior to your custom fitting, your fitter will ask questions regarding your golf tendencies such as hitting the ball too high, too low, or to the right or left. Static measurements obtained include your height, hand size, and wrist to floor measurements. You can tell your fitter if you have brand loyalty or preference.

The GCQUAD will be used to obtain multiple ball and club data points. Your custom fitting recommendations will be based upon the multiple data points obtained. Your fitter will determine optimal swing weight, loft and lie angles, and shaft length.

Can you fit me for a shaft that will work for my current club heads?

Absolutely! This is called retrofitting. We can use your current clubs and trial different shafts to find what will be best for you. We will also take your data points from your club heads and compare them to newer models in order to get the best results for your golf game.

Why are your custom fitting prices lower than your competitors?

NXL Golf is owner owned and operated. By keeping overhead costs minimal, NXL Golf is able to offer those savings to the customer.